Getting started

Follow these instructions to get started using the SkyPoint Modern Data Stack (MDS) APIs for Lakehouse, Vault, Customer 360, Privacy Compliance and other capabilities.


Sign-up for SkyPoint or login

Visit to sign up and try SkyPoint platform.

If you already have a subscription, login at


Enable APIs on your SkyPoint instance

Go to

Navigate to the Security page under the Settings menu

Switch to the APIs tab and click the Enable button.

This will assign your environment a Primary and Secondary subscription key that must be used in the API requests. You may also regenerate the keys by pressing the Regenerate primary or Regenerate secondary buttons at the top of the page.


Explore and try out our APIs

Under the APIs tab on the Permissions page, click the Explore our APIs link

Select an API operation to try and click the Try It button

In the side panel that opens, select the drop-down labeled Authorization and choose implicit. This should automatically fill the Authorizationheader with a bearer token. Your subscription key will be automatically populated

Fill any necessary query parameters, scroll to the bottom of the panel, and click the Send button

The HTTP response will soon appear below

Next steps

With your API subscription key ready, you can now proceed to creating an App Registration in Azure.